What if you could only say 3 Words?

My 1st Word would be “Love".

How Sweet.

My 2nd Word would be “Mullet".

How interesting and a little odd.  What would your 3rd Word be?

I don’t need a 3rd Word.  Sometimes it is what you don’t say that means the most.  I’ve come Far.

Just “Love Mullet"?

These Words did not have a cheap price.  They were burned into my Psyche.  They were Carved into my Bones.  I earned them.  But I’m curious.  What would your 3 Words be?

My 3 Words would be “Read Seducing Medusa", one of the latest novels by Professor Mustard.  And Remember, Professor Mustard’s books are Free but Priceless and if you wish to hear Professor Mustard’s Audio Books, they are very reasonably priced as well, and a real life changing experience.

I see Style and Plot are of Utmost Importance to you, but you wear them like a loosely worn sweater.

Hey, since you only want 2 Words how about I use your 3rd Word?  My 4 Words would then be, “Read Earth’s Professor Mustard".  

That is cheating, or just being plain greedy, but how can I argue?  I have no aggressive words in my vocabulary, just beautiful ones.

Read or Listen to “Seducing Medusa", or maybe “Sound of Mind – Adventures in Schizophrenia" or another of Professor Mustard’s other great titles.  They will have you crying tears of relish.

Wow!  Thanks!  I think I now Love you, but I long to say the right words to convey that meaning.  I’m no Professor Mustard, just a Mortal trying to do my best.  But Yes!  I will Read Professor Mustard’s Books and Listen to them on Audio.  Thank you!  You complete me!

Thanks Pops(!!), for teaching me the best lesson: Do it with Love, always, and if possible, Style. -P.M.