Greetings Fellow Word Smiths, Grave Earth Travelers, Artists and Friends,

When asked, “What do you want?” Could the answer be, after sifting through all our wants and needs and memories, can it be as simple as, in our heart, what I really want is, “I want a Crayon?”

I feel I am obligated to give back what was so freely taken. I owe this world some explanation and perhaps my balled up treasure map, guided by the compass of my heart, and each word written neatly in the blood of my pen, maybe it can help guide somebody through the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, as good works of art really never end.

I feel a sense of urgency, with only a limited amount of time to guard the garden and help plant crops in it, I often feel restless and have a kettle on the backburner always brewing as I say to myself, “What if… “, and I usually am either running from something or running to something, some crisis or another, it is only when I pause and root in the ground and feel the music vibrate through my bones and I remember to dance, suddenly life makes sense and I dance in gratitude, I dance in victory, I dance in passion, I dance in love. Spiritually I am more of a Star Wars “The Force” brand, but I was taught the word guidance, is “God, You and I, Dance.”

I love to read books, and seeing, through different artwork, expressions of life through the vantage point of other people’s eyes. Music, or recited poetry, always stirs my soul, such brilliance in a word pronounced. With books and creative arts, I get a lifetime of wisdom in one sitting, and I love all of those savory nuggets of golden thought to savor and think about, the golden nuggets gathered by people who chip at them with pickaxes from the mines in their heart. I enjoy talking to people and finding their treasure, and all the gifts that come along with this. I know it is the rainbow that is the true treasure, the moment, we will all arrive at the pot of gold at the end.

I used to dress my scarecrow very scary looking when my garden and crops were just withered weeds in clumps of parking lot asphalt and desert sand, but having spent much time tending my garden into an oasis of sorts, now I want my scarecrow to welcome people and let them enjoy my crops. Anything I invest my love and time into will grow. Knowing we only have a certain amount of time gives me this super sense of urgency to do good works now.

Each moment, the present, is a gift and I am surrounded by countless unopened moments and I strive to enjoy each one. The source of my thoughts comes either from a source of Love or a source of Fear. Fear runs riot often, but if I can reign it in, if I can think of a power greater than myself, a Universal Being of some sort, I can surrender my will to take a backseat to sit and just enjoy the ride wherever it takes me.

I have conjured in my mind a perfect sanctuary, a sandy pebble river bank with a large tree and its shady canopy with a beautiful flowing river, my mind, full of fish that are my thoughts. I sometimes like to just sit there and watch the fish swim past me, not particularly engaging any of them, just aware of their presence. I hop across the river one lily pad at a time, I am so in love with life, and this journey. Let’s see what we can do. Anything is possible.