I really am against Labels. My thoughts are people like to attach a Label on something or someone so that they can then pretend they understand all about it and then dismiss it, but perhaps this is necessary because I can really spend a whole lifetime with just one rock and still know only a tiny portion about it. We do not have the time to truly understand anything. It’s overwhelming.
Today I was packing a box to mail with limited tape, and I thought what’s the most important part of this box? Once the basic needs of the box are met, and secure, I think the most important thing for a delivery package is the label. So I thought, what’s my label I give myself? My parents named me, society has branded me, but what is it for me? What label do I give myself? Then I thought, I wonder if God has an individual label for everything, every flower, every animal, every soul, the label that will deliver us home. The label that will take us to our final destination.

I thought about it for a while, and decided to break out my Ouija board, perfect compass for my direction.  . I asked the question, What’s my Label, and then waited for a long time patiently. Then suddenly the planchette moved slowly, creeping across the board, and rested on the letter ‘Y’. I waited but nothing happened. Now I am a little confused. Is the letter ‘Y’ my Label? Not like Dragon Ninja Warrior? Or is it a question? Is my life a question? What’s the answer? I now question why I’m y.   I kind of wish I never asked.  Some doors should never be opened.